Maintec is the best place for technicians and construction specialists to find a challenging job in The Netherlands.

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Personalised services

At Maintec, we understand that it is only through tailor-made solutions that we can make a difference in the technical labour market. That’s why we work with 3 concepts in which we link technical personnel to clients. We specialise in local and international personnel and employees who start work via work and learning pathways. From specialists to future technical talent who learn the profession through a training on the job pathway (BeroepsBegeleidende Leerweg; BBL) or retraining: Maintec has everything in house.

International personnel

International solutions for our local clients

Sometimes the Dutch labour market is insufficient. So we look beyond our own national borders. In specific cases, international personnel is the perfect solution for clients Maintec successfully connects technical professionals from different countries to Dutch clients. We will make sure that all peripheral issues are dealt with are and maintain contact with both the candidate and the client. Maintec is a pioneer on all fronts.


Maintec is part of TecqGroep: a group of companies specialised in the mediation of technical personnel. These specialist operating companies provide technical clients with the right specialists, suiting everyone’s ambitions and career level. TecqGroep has a strong position in the technical labour market and mediates at all levels, both at the level of blue collar and white collar specialists.

As a specialist, TecqGroep wants to guarantee continuity and security for its clients by increasing its flexibility. Through training and continuous of development of the knowledge and skills of technical talent, TecqGroep keeps a grip on and insight into technical talent.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is also important within Maintec. All organizations within TecqGroep monitor energy and water consumption and take various initiatives to reduce transport emissions.