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Maintec is the best place for technicians and construction specialists to find a challenging job in The Netherlands.

Hello everyone,
Also as a Portuguese I would like to share my personal experience with you,
After researching several job sites, I found Maintec.
In a brief summary I will tell you how I made the decision to choose Maintec!
I sent my EUROPASS to Maintec, in English, they contacted me and a video call was made as the first interview,
So I started my trip to the Netherlands on February 15, 2018, when I arrived I had a company employee to provide me with all the initial support, I was installed in one of the several houses that Maintec has with all the necessary conditions, giving the possibility to an absolutely normal work and personal life routine.
I've been with Maintec for 28 months and I intend to continue!
Maintec provides all support related to labor, legal and personal aspects, such as working conditions, mandatory health insurance, mandatory registration, transport, etc ...
Payment of salary occurs weekly!
If you are looking for a new opportunity and a better quality of life, join our team and also family, Maintec will give you all the support for a better and easier integration!