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Assembly Worker - Amsterdam

Country: the Netherlands – Education level: High school

Job Description technical vacancy Assembly Worker - Amsterdam


To assemble in a safe way parts of excavators according the standard quality and technical instructions with respect to the environment.  

Description of the activities

  The Assembly Worker B in the Amsterdam Factory works on the Production department Assembly and is supervised by a Groupleader.   - Execution   Assembling of machines in his/ her process. Assemble sequences in cooperation with the Groupleader. Keep program of daily maintenance such as cleaning of equipment, general tools and areas.   - Working with the help of

  • Special torque tools
  • General assembly tools such as torque and spanners.
  • Lifting-tools such as overhead-cranes and forklifts.

Work according to the valid ARBO-, safety- and ISO-procedures, work-instructions, instructions from the Groupleader and the production plan.   - Communication

  • The Groupleader, to inform the actual status of the production output towards the production planning. To inform the Groupleader when accidents or almost accidents are happened. Also to inform when there are difficulties regarding quality and environment matters.
  • The safety person, to inform when accidents or almost accidents are happened.

  - Knowledge is required of

  • Control the assembly activities as required for his/ her process and usage of special dedicated tools in his/ her process.
  • Can control if the parts in his/ her process are correctly assembled.
  • Can judge visible aspects.
  • The usage of all the measurementtools to fearful his/ her job.
  • How to operate an excavator
  • Capacity for planning the activities such as arrangement for the job, planning of daily maintenance according the program and how to handle with waste and the environment.
  • How to read and understand work instructions and the production plan according the C-plan.
  • Interpation of risks during the job.
  • Regulations in general.
  • Quality procedures according the ISO 9001 standard.
  • LTS- B work and thinking level, or three year relevant experience in a similar function.

  - Other activities   Empoyable to do other activities/ jobs in the production process. Other activities instructed by the Groupleader. Control the assembly activities for his/her process by self-check Qualifications and responsibility   Is qualified to

  • Be independently of all the assembly activities in his/her process.
  • Check if the assembled parts of excavators are according to the required standard.
  • Counter measuring when quality, safety and environment is involved.

The Assembly Worker B needs approval when a previous or next stage is directly involved and also when quality, safety and environment matters are involved, which are out of scoop of the Assembly Worker’s responsibility.   Is responsible for

  • To accomplish the production targets with the correct quality.
  • To keep a safe environment in the working areas (stage).

Other information

Education level:
High school
Working time:
Full Time

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