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Industrial Airbrush Painter

Country: the Netherlands – Education level: Basic level

Job Description technical vacancy Industrial Airbrush Painter


  To paint in a safe way mini-excavators or parts of mini-excavators according the prescribed quality and technical instructions with respect to the environment, in such a manner that the production process is not interrupted.  

Descriptions of the activities

  The Painter works on the Production department Paintshop and is supervised by the Groupleader.  


  • Checking all equipment and tools;
  • Checking the color-settings for all different parts;
  • Checking the presence of all parts that need to be painted;
  • Cleaning all parts that are to be painted.


  • Hanging, pre-painting, blasting and spraying of all parts.
  • Maintenance of all equipment used
  • Checking the thickness of all layers of paint.

Other tasks:

  • Maintenance of equipment, tools and workspace

Knowledge is required of:

  • Control all painting activities as required for the job such as electrostatic paint process, painting process with pump and cup system (primer and final layer), Airmix, HVLP
  • Can judge and control if the parts are correctly prepared before painting. Such as degreasing, sanding etc.
  • Can judge and control the specification of the paint quality.
  • How to use measure equipment for thickness of the layer.
  • Capacity for planning the activities such as arrangement for the job, planning of daily maintenance according the program and how to handle with waste and the environment.
  • How to read and understand work instructions and the production plan.
  • Interpretation of risks during the job.
  • Regulations in general.
  • Quality procedures according the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Good knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese or English 

Other activities

Employable to do other activities in the production process. Control all executed activities by self-check. Execution of other activities ordered by the Groupleader.  

Qualifications and responsibilities

Is qualified to
  • Decide if the prepared parts are according the required standard.
  • Countermeasure when quality, safety and environment is involved.
Is responsible for
  • To accomplish the production target.
  • To keep a safe environment in the working areas.

Other information

Education level:
Basic level
Working time:
Full Time

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