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For Employers

Find the best qualified technical employees

Are you looking for personnel, local or international? Maintec is the specialist for technical profiles throughout Europe.

Our possibilities are wide:

Temporary personnel

If you have a temporary job, you can hire our employees for a fixed period of time. When the work is over, you don't have any obligations.

Permanent Placement

If you want to hire a specialist directly, our Permanent Placement services are the perfect solution. All presented candidates are either known to us from previous assignments or with their references checked.

Output driven projects

Maintec can also take over specific work projects where required output levels instead of needed work hours are the basis for the cooperation contract.
The common period for a project at BASIC level is 3-6 months. A PLUS level project is usually 6 to 12 months long, whereas a PREMIUM work project lasts longer than 12 months. In the case of Outsourcing project work, billing of the required output allows you to plan and keep track of costs.

Try & Hire

The 'Try & Hire' solution is a combination of Outsourcing and Recruitment. The minimum trial period is three months, the maximum 6 months after which the candidate is hired by the client. During the Try period, the required output is invoiced monthly, the last invoice being increased with the remaining hiring fee.