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Refer a craftsman

Refer a (future) craftsman or craftswoman to us and get an iPad mini or a bonus!

Maintec is always looking for good (future) craftsmen for our projects in order to keep our 'toolkit for talent' well stacked. and we are willing to do what it takes, as you can read below.

We know from experience that craftsmen often have many other craftsmen in their social circle.

If you, as a registered craftsman or craftswoman or trainee, refer another craftsman, craftswoman or technical trainee to Maintec and this referred employee is going to work with us, you can get an iPad mini. You can also choose a financial reward.

What do you have to do for it?

It is very simple: when you are registered as a craftsman or craftswoman with us and if you know another craftsman or craftswoman or possible BBL technique student which is not registered with us yet, sign him or her up at your local office or using the registration form. We will immediately contact the referred person.

The referred person can also choose to mention being referred by a friend during the intake interview.

The branch employees will verify whether the employee actually goes to work and will make sure you get your bonus

What is in it for you?

For each employee which you referred to us and who goes to work for 250 hours minimum, we will give you an iPad mini or a bonus of € 150 gross.

The complete regulations can be found here.

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