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Working and living in the Netherlands

With 13 Maintec offices and 11 affiliated offices across the country, Maintec has a strong presence in the Netherlands. Therefore, we have a lot of different jobs to offer.

Employment Policy in the Netherlands:

  • Labor rules according to the collective agreement for temporary workers;
  • Remuneration including the holiday allowance (8% of earnings);
  • Maintec provides local support (housing, transport, etc.) to foreign employees and helps with all issues related to residence and employment (No. BSN, bank account, insurance, etc.);
  • Maintec organizes safety trainings (VCA) required by the Dutch employers;

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Working with Maintec means that everything is arranged:

  • Payment within two weeks
  • Clear pay slip
  • Pension
  • Holiday
  • Sick pay
  • Pay during holidays
  • Allowances for travel and other expenses
  • Training
  • Accident insurance 

For more information, contact one of the Maintec offices in your country of residence

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