Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers on the Frequently Asked Questions at our business.

Looking to navigate the thriving Dutch tech sector? Maintec is your ideal partner. With our deep understanding of the industry and commitment to connecting skilled professionals with leading companies, we offer a unique blend of technical expertise and personal touch. Whether you're starting your tech journey or are an experienced professional, Maintec provides the resources and network to match you with projects that truly fit your skills and ambitions.

At Maintec, we understand that moving to the Netherlands is more than just a job change. It's a life change. That's why we offer extensive support to our international technicians, from finding the nearest supermarket to understanding local customs. Our goal is to make you feel at home in the Netherlands, ensuring a comfortable living and a rewarding working environment.

Looking for technical jobs in the Netherlands with accommodation? Maintec offers comprehensive solutions, including transportation arrangements and housing support. Our aim is to ensure that our international technicians can focus on what they do best, while we take care of the rest.

Find your perfect place in the Netherlands' diverse tech landscape with Maintec. From installation technology and metalworking to automotive and electrotechnology, we specialize in various technical fields. Our deep industry knowledge ensures that we can guide you to the best cities and companies for your specific skills and interests. Join us and be part of a workforce that drives innovation and progress.

For English-speaking technical professionals, the Netherlands offers a wealth of opportunities, and Maintec is here to help you seize them. Our specialization in various technical fields, coupled with our focus on English-speaking environments, makes us the perfect partner for your career advancement in the Dutch tech industry.

Embark on your job search in the Netherlands with Maintec's comprehensive support. We specialize in connecting international talent with Dutch companies, handling everything from visa procedures to accommodation arrangements. Our expertise in international regulations and commitment to your successful integration makes Maintec your go-to partner for finding technical jobs in the Netherlands.

For technical professionals from European countries such as Portugal, Poland, Spain, Italy, Romania, and Germany, who already have a work permit to work in Europe, Maintec offers comprehensive support. We assist not only with housing and finding a suitable job but also provide a car and an attractive employer. Rely on Maintec to make your transition to working in the Netherlands as smooth as possible.