The best place for technical talent

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Technical talent is rooted in Maintec. We select, recruit and seconding technical talent and are proud of it. We are also proud of the people who work for us, as well as of our clients. Creating the best link between man and machine? That’s what Maintec does.

We do things differently. Our approach? With our 3 forms of service, we focus on professional specialists, self-employed people and we train technical talent ourselves. Our clients want to benefit from our wide range of technical talent. The best jobs in technology? That’s what Maintec has!

Challenge yourself at Maintec

As a craftsman or woman you have to do justice to the job you do. That's what Maintec stands for. That is why we always scale up each employee in accordance with the CAO that applies to our client. You are therefore sure that you get what you deserve!

In addition, we naturally ensure that all preconditions are in good order:

  • Fast weekly salary payment
  • Clear pay slip
  • Health insurance and perfect housing
  • Continued payment of wages during illness
  • Continued payment of wages during public holidays
  • Compensation for travel and other expenses
  • Education to learn more and earn more
  • Good pension

The Maintec approach

Maintec provides a personal approach. We will strive to match the work as closely as possible to your knowledge, experience and personal wishes.

That is why we think it is important to properly map out your personal needs and work experience. Are you applying for one of our vacancies? Then we will contact you to discuss everything. During that conversation we will map out your wishes. Below you will find the course of our application process.



1. Online application

After your confirmation, we will contact you as soon as possible.

2. You receive a response

We will contact you by phone and / or e-mail.

3. job interview

Our recruiter will contact you to discuss yours, but also our expectations.

4. confirmation of your candidacy

We are immediately looking for the right job for you.

5. contract proposal

Good news! You are hired. We agree with the date of employment. We'll arrange accommodation and transport to work.

6. Start!

You can start working for Maintec. Good luck!

You applied at Maintec, nice! But what's next?

Curious to know what the process is after your application? In this video our colleagues explain the full procedure if you apply at Maintec.

Welcome to the Netherlands!

In this video, your new colleague Mauro from Maintec shows you what happens after arrival in the Netherlands. First you''ll be taken to the Maintec office where you will have an conversation about your new life in Holland. And ofcourse there is some administration to do, after that we will drive you to your brandnew home! 

A job with housing? Great! But what does it look like?

Wondering what your new home will look like? This video will give you a good idea of what your new 'home' will look like.