Maintec is the best place for technicians and construction specialists to find a challenging job in The Netherlands.

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Maintec works with 3 different concepts that perfectly match the demand for technical personnel. For our clients, we have professional specialists with years of experience, talented people at the start of their careers and international personnel to support them in temporary projects.

International personnel

International solutions for our local clients

Sometimes the Dutch labour market is insufficient. So we look beyond our own national borders. In specific cases, international personnel is the perfect solution for clients Maintec successfully connects technical professionals from different countries to Dutch clients. We will make sure that all peripheral issues are dealt with are and maintain contact with both the candidate and the client. Maintec is a pioneer on all fronts.

Learning and working

We build the future

Technology never stands still. For clients, technically trained people with knowledge of the latest developments are extremely interesting, which is why we support starting technicians from the first day they arrive at Maintec. Both professionally and personally. After all, working is more than just spending hours in the workshop. At Maintec, a person’s personal situation also counts. Our coaches ensure that work and learning are balanced. And the result? A golden future with a job guarantee!

Local personnel

Local technical craftsmen for local companies

What’s good doesn’t always have to go very far. Maintec is there for local personnel. Working in the region, close to home and with great clients. Maintec has branches throughout the Netherlands and therefore also knows the local labour market very well. In this way, we know which technicians are needed and where. Over the years, we have built-up a large network of technical professionals and reliable clients. The perfect combination for the best jobs in technology.

Maintec specialist

Maintec Vakschool offers training and courses to help you achieve your dream of becoming a bicycle repairman or car damage repair specialist. Within a few weeks of learning and working, we are ready to get started. Short technical courses with significant outcomes. A foundation you can build on for the rest of your life.

Most likely, a Maintec graduate has repaired your bike or car. We train car and bicycle technicians ourselves, which sets Maintec apart. In just a few weeks, we have someone ready to work as a damage repairer, tyre mechanic, e-bike specialist, or bicycle technician. We bring out the best in everyone and help technical staff advance in their careers.

Last year, Maintec introduced a third course, now available to anyone with a technical background. Interested? Visit the website below.

Tecforce acts as a matchmaker between people with technical degrees and companies in need of their skills. With years of experience, they understand the nuances of industries like oil, gas, construction, machinery, installation, and even government work. They don’t just send any candidate to a company; they invest time to ensure a perfect fit, considering the candidate's skills, experience, and compatibility with the company culture and goals.

They boast a vast network of professionals, making them adept at finding the right person for the job. This efficiency saves companies both time and money by providing an ideal match without the hassle. Tecforce operates across various sectors, ensuring they can find the technical expert a company needs, regardless of the field.

Now, imagine this service enhanced through a one-stop shop collaboration between Maintec and Tecforce. As a client, you're fully equipped with a service that covers both blue-label and white-label needs, ensuring you find the right specialist in every form. This partnership means that whether you're looking for hands-on technical talent or high-level expertise, you have a comprehensive solution at your fingertips. Together, Maintec and Tecforce offer a seamless service, ensuring clients are fully supported in finding the perfect specialist for any job.

In essence, Tecforce, in collaboration with Maintec, connects skilled technical professionals with companies, ensuring a mutually beneficial match. This partnership helps save time and resources, acting as a bridge between people and places where they can excel, offering a full spectrum of services to meet every technical staffing need.

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