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184 Current job openings in electrical engineering

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    Electro mechanic / Electrician


    Electrical Engineering

    Basic level

    400 - 600 Weekly NET

    Do you want to work at Maintec as an electrician in the industry of oil, gas or marine sector? Are you just as driven as all the other colleagues of Maintec and do you want to work in an technical environment. Call us for the possibilities!

    Mechatronics Mechanic


    Electrical Engineering


    500 - 550 Weekly NET

    Are you passionate about technology? And have you always wanted to put together and assemble innovative, high-tech products? As a Mechatronics Mechanic you are responsible for contributing to a high-quality end product for our customers all over the world.

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    Electrical Engineering

    At Maintec, we offer a diverse range of electrical engineering job opportunities. Our positions include roles such as electrician, service technician, and maintenance technician. For all job seekers in the Netherlands aspiring to work in the technical field, we have both small and large clients eager to welcome new skilled professionals. For every technical job listing we share, we aim to provide a salary indication. Naturally, you're curious about what an electrician or a service technician earns. To answer this accurately, we discuss with our clients what you, as a maintenance technician, should be earning. Your happiness in your new job is our priority, which is why we offer the best positions in electrical engineering. This ensures that you, as an electrician, are satisfied with your primary and secondary employment conditions.

    Electrical Engineering Reskilling

    Maintec also offers various training programs. Are you looking to reskill in electrical engineering? We've got you covered! We'll work together to find the best way to transition you into an electrical engineering role. We'll tailor our advice to how long your reskilling as an electrician or installation technician will take. We'll also provide coaching and support throughout your journey to becoming an electrical engineering specialist.

    Electrical Engineering mbo

    Want to earn money while still in school? No problem. With our Learn & Work concept, we assist students in finding placements at various electrical engineering companies. This way, you can earn money without a diploma and simultaneously gain hands-on experience. Exciting, right? We also guarantee personal coaching, ensuring your success as an electrician or installation technician. While it's always a challenge to find a learning and working company on your own, our extensive experience in the electrical engineering industry and wide range of clients enable us to quickly secure a placement for you.

    Electro Freelance

    Are you an experienced freelancer in electrical engineering? We can assist you in finding electrical engineering projects as a freelancer. Depending on your specialty, we provide the most exciting technical projects in the Netherlands. If you're a freelancer struggling to find enough electrical-related projects, don't hesitate to contact Maintec. The benefits we offer to freelancers like you are unparalleled.

    Certified Electrician

    Interested in becoming a certified electrician? There's a clear distinction between a junior (beginner) and a senior (experienced) electrician. Certification can set you apart from others and, of course, lead to higher earnings as an electrician. Ever considered getting certified as a technician? Maintec is here to assist you in this endeavor.

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